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Custom Patchwork Sweatpants, in Taffy

These are SO SPECIAL.

Each pair of sweatpants takes more than 6 hours to create from start to finish. Constructed with our super soft custom knit modal fabric, each individual piece of fabric comes together to create the softest, COOLEST, comfiest sweatpant. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the white piece of fabric is actually covered with a special fabric glitter that shimmers perfectly and won't rub off. They are so special, so unique, and so deserving of the title of your child's new favorite piece of clothing! We love this style so much, it might even be our favorite of the season. 

Each of our garments is tie dyed one at a time, making no two pieces identical. Please allow for variation in color and style - it's the awesome nature of tie dye!

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